Monday, May 30, 2011

Descriptive Writing-Boring Sentence Activity

Splish Splash, there is water all around me.

I crash landed in a plane. I fall in the water I swim to an island where I can  hear the waves crashing on the rocks. Splish splash there is water all around me, I feel sad.
All I see are the crabs in the soft yellow sand beside me.                                                                  

By Nicolas


I'm hot sitting on an orange chair. Heaters so hot like fire.
I sweat right down to my kneecaps and I feel like I'm in a desert.
I smell hotness "phew" I say.
Hot  Calix and boiling Riley both need cold air.
By Calix

I'm hot

I am as hot as the sun, the heat pump is on.
I'm in my bed kicking off the blanket.
The heat pump is on high.
The early morning comes it starts getting colder "ahhh" that's better.
by Jayda

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